What small businesses need to know amid COVID-19

In its march across the globe, COVID-19 will claim many victims. The loss of human life is hard to comprehend. In that context, it’s perhaps awkward to discuss the impact on businesses. The stark reality is, however, that the subsequent economic impact stands to decimate millions of peoples’ ways of life. Growth-stage companies stand to be hard hit — particularly so if they lack the cash runway to weather the storm.

At BX3, — accounting, finance, legal, marketing/public relations, operations, tax — is the core of what we do. The pandemic makes our mission all the more important and relevant. Just as we always have, we employ unparalleled flexibility on fees. The clock never starts running just because we start talking. Sometimes it never starts. So please reach out and let us work with you to develop a plan to get through these unprecedented times.

Being headquartered in New York, we at BX3 are in the thick of this. Our state motto “Excelsior,” or “ever upward,” parallels our own philosophy: We work with our clients on plans not just to survive, but to survive and thrive.

How can we help?

BX3 has built its business on working with startups. That’s what we do. And during these times, we are here to help.

We understand that times are tough. We will be helpful to founders. We will work with you to ensure you businesses remain viable. We will be flexible with our pricing. We will be there for the long-term.

Our areas of expertise

Helpful links

We continue to collect and collate links to helpful resources and will keep this list updated regularly. (last updated April 30)

Have questions? Schedule a with BX3 to walk you through next steps. In the meantime, Excelsior.

Reach goals. Raise capital. Let our deep expertise in business, law, tax, marketing, and capital raising take you higher.

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