A Checklist for Blockchain / Cryptocurrency Founders

Everything you wanted to know about launching a blockchain / cryptocurrency business but were afraid to ask

by Anne Szustek Talbot, director of content, BX3 Capital

Photo courtesy: Pexels

Maybe you were on your commute. Maybe you were on a run. Maybe you were at a bar. Maybe you were commuting or running to a bar. Whatever the setting, creativity struck and resident in your brain is the idea for the greatest blockchain/cryptocurrency-based company ever.

As any entrepreneur knows all too well, however, inspiration is only the start of the journey. You need a roadmap with clear milestones on how to get there. As BX3 Capital’s vice president of client operations Jay Arcata has helped get dozens of emerging, digital technology-based companies off on a solid path, and he has imparted some of his wisdom for Medium publication Cryptoweek in this playbook for new blockchain businesses. Some key takeaways:

· Illustrate a clear blockchain use case.

· Figure out what business structure works best for you.

· Seek out and hire a team with key, complementary skill sets:

· Accounting/tax

· Marketing/ public relations

· Banking

· Legal services

· How to secure fundraising

· Prototype / minimum viable product

Ready to take the entrepreneurship plunge? Find out the best steps to take when launching a blockchain / cryptocurrency business in this post.

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