by Anne Szustek Talbot, VP of Content, BX3

The ears of our many tech-minded clients here at BX3 — as well as a few VCs and a Dell alumnus for good measure — have perked up upon my peppering our conversations with the lingo I picked up during my part-time business school course dedicated to studying the hows and whys of fostering innovation and creativity in startups and corporations. Take, for example: design funnel, complementary goods, and first-mover advantage. In terms of investment and societal progression, however, what is the union set of these concepts?

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Making Better-Informed Decisions

One of the reasons I…

by Carol Lin Vieira, partner, marketing and communications, BX3

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Startup founders, especially when first stepping out, often shoulder the mantle of being jack of all trades, master of none. They are stretched in a dozen different directions each week, perfecting their product, acquiring customers and — hopefully — securing the next round of funding. With their time, energy, and financial resources tapped to near-exhaustion, can a new founder create and sustain an impactful marketing strategy without a big budget?

The short answer is yes; a startup doesn’t always need an expensive, flashy ad campaign to make its mark. Instead, the…

by Carol Lin Vieira, partner, marketing and communications, BX3

A recent Quartz headline sums it up nicely: “ As the rest of the economy sinks under COVID-19, most startups are doing just fine.” With funding roaring back, venture capital meetings have shifted from in-person to online conversations, making a new company’s digital presence more relevant than ever. How can founders adapt to this from a PR perspective?

We asked communications and marketing pros from all over the world to give us their top tips for founders looking to leverage PR to attract investors and customers when they’re nearing the end…

by Adnan Akhand, partner, accounting services, BX3

Generally speaking, entrepreneurs launch businesses with the goal of the business breaking into the black at some point. Nonetheless, while going revenue positive is a key milestone for any startup, figuring out how to handle the money once your firm has it can be a bit daunting.

Enter the accountant to save the day. While we in our profession know of our status as business Swiss Army knives, those founders making their first forays into business management might be a bit in the dark as to the myriad of ways that accountants can…

by Anne Szustek Talbot, VP of Content

Innovation: It’s a strategy that can both drive the strategy and be the backbone of your portfolio. Direct investment in startups is a trend that has gained ground among private investors as of late, and for good reason. In addition to the SEC’s new guidelines on what defines an “accredited investor,” paving the way for more people to invest in private equity and venture capital, and the Labor Department’s rule changes allowing for retirement funds to invest in PE, investors have a new line to capitalize on direct investment. …

by Anne Szustek Talbot, VP of Content, BX3

There’s an adage among journalists, writers, and generally any other creatives who tend to do things with words: write about what you know. While subject-area knowledge certainly helps when writing for, say, a medical drama script team, at the same time, writers and journalists often are better off, both in terms of subject matter and career fulfillment, if they push the boundaries of their knowledge.

by Anne Szustek Talbot, VP of Content, BX3

If there is any character trait of which journalists could be rightly accused, it’s of being cynical.

A reporter would be remiss not to prod a potential news source with enough follow-up questions to make the on-site public relations rep squirm and find out if there is any extra meat beyond the official press release or talking points. …

by Anne Szustek Talbot, VP of Content, BX3

Merchant cash advances (MCAs): They’re a form of non-bank lending that, while a simple mechanism, can offer a big payoff for both small-business recipients and investors alike. MCAs are structured as a lump sum payment to a business in exchange for an agreed-upon percentage of future cash receipts of the business. …

by Jay Arcata, partner, client operations, BX3

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

When the Levee Breaks,” originally recorded in 1929 by country blues artists Kansas Joe McCoy and Memphis Minnie, is among Led Zeppelin’s heaviest-hitting recordings. The vocals start out with the line, “If it keeps on rainin’, levee’s goin’ to break.” While the US prepares, in varying degrees, for reopening, it is still raining on early-stage businesses and there is no sign of a reprieve anytime soon. CEOs are left wondering, what happens when their Small Business Administration funding runs out? What will access to capital markets look like in six months? How do…


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